When she was a little girl, Zuleika remembers time stopping just for her. Several years later, on Zuleika’s eighteenth birthday time stops again. And then Time himself comes to propose to the young girl. What will Zuleika do…?

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In a universe where 0.03% of the human populace has been mutated by governmental experiments, terrorist organizations, strange phenomenon, and household accidents; Crystal finds herself as a new student at Mutant School: A school founded by Heinz Goodmen in the hope of giving mutated kids a peaceful happy life. But as Crystal and many other students shall discover, the school’s motto does not just mean to accept oneself as they are, it is also to be willing to stand for what is right even if you are by yourself, or against the odds.


Seeking for Hidden Treasures

​​By Kirk Van De Walker

A boy transformed and lost in another realm, joined with a ship's captain and his crew, searching for various items, people and answers to the various whys in this new world.