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We are now posting “It’s A Doll’s World!” on Smack Jeeves (I will leave a Direct link on the “It’s A Doll’s World!” section of this site so you don’t have to search through all the other stuff) and plan to do the same for “Samurai Cricket” in the hopefully not too distant future.  I also plan on altering the comic photo galleries on this site so we have a few joke pages of each comic up so that possible new readers  can see if they like what we have got

on another note, a lot of stuff has happened on our Facebook page recently, so if you have Facebook you might want to check that out. Also we have a few how to books on sale: If you are a philosopher of any kind How To Be Good is an interesting read. We also surprisingly have a book aim towards the Christian audience call How To forgive. There is more info about both of these in our "Books on sale page".

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