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Spacebird.org is owned and run by Brian Van De Walker (writer of Samurai Cricket) with some help from his younger siblings Kirk (artist of Samurai Cricket) and Roxanne  Van De Walker (co-writer and main artist of Its A Doll's World) who draw the pictures.


Here are the plot lines for both web comics:
“It’s a
Doll’s World!” starts with two pairs of siblings (the Vice girls and the Whiteboys) moving into a neighborhood called “The Neighborhood” (The founders had no imagination.) where sciencefiction comes to life and danger is at your doorstep.Our main characters develop crushes on one another; of course

there are complications. The path of love is already not smooth, it justdoesn’t help that there are chocolate bunny aliens, science experiments gone wrong, red ravens and much more in the way of a bumpy road.

Cricket"  is about a samurai who
gets turned into cricket by his foxy wife right before she gets kidnapped by the tragic Villain, which sends our insect hero on an epic adventure. Confused, good, read it.