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​How To Forgive


Do you know you need to forgive someone, but just don’t know how to go about it? Do you struggle with hurt over past wrongs, or bad memories? The forgiveness method in this booklet, How to Forgive, may be an answer to your problems. K.L.B. Van De Walker, a Christian intercessor involved for several years in deliverance ministry, developed this five-step program so Christians can gain control of their thought-lives and emotions. While recognizing there is no such thing as a perfect forgiveness method, Mrs. Van De Walker has found these techniques to be very helpful for many. This booklet includes a brief step-by-step summary of How to Forgive with Biblical references.

Most people are somewhat, or even deeply confused about how to be a good person. If reliable recipes were available, how to be good would be almost the most valuable information that one could imagine. This book first explains the importance of a definition of goodness. To increase readers' defenses against confidence artists, including those already entrenched in society, it rehearses and then explains the standard skeptical arguments against a scientific, universal good. Then it proposes a definition of goodness, based in biology, that escapes these problems. The classic problem, of course, is the "Naturalistic Fallacy": "How do you know that that is what's good?" The answer should not be "because it's better." Knowledge has increased since the 18th century, so a definition is likely. Received wisdom is increasingly that humans are something very like chemical machinery. It's perfectly logical that there are better and worse ways of operating oneself and other people, and it should not be too odd that an engineer would notice this, and write what amounts to a manual. The largest part of the book applies this biological definition to individuals, families, organizations, governments, and species. Since it's actually a tradition in a book that dares to define goodness, the author defines a Utopia, with a sample constitution and other aids. How does this affect you? It's your moral duty to become good if you possibly can. Read the book. If you like it, tell people.

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How To Be Good